Terms & Conditions for Vacation Packages

by Cruise, Tour, Travel! LLC

CA Seller of Travel License #2125250, FL Seller of Travel # ST40290, IATA #05527620

The purchase of any vacation packages and/or travel services including but not limited to Blue Walk tours, Art Walk tours, Group tours, Yoga tours, extensions, and all other tours promoted and/or provided by Cruise, Tour, Travel! LLC dba The Blue Walk (herein referred to as TBW), constitutes a contractual arrangement between you and TBW and represents your acceptance of the TBW’s Terms & Conditions set out herein. Please read carefully and understand these Terms & Conditions prior to booking. Terms & Conditions are updated from time to time; we recommend you print out your current version when making your reservation.

Deposit & Payments: For all Blue Walk tours, a $500 per person deposit is required to hold the reservation. For Art Walk and Yoga Walk tours, a $750 deposit is required. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Final payment is due 120 days prior to departure. For reservations made within 120 days of departure, full payment is required at time of booking. Deposits may be paid with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, personal check, or money order, and must be made payable to Cruise, Tour, Travel!, or The Blue Walk. Bookings are not confirmed until a) a completed and signed hard copy or online reservation request form has been received, b) a deposit has been received and payment deposited, and c) you have received a confirmation letter of the reservation. Signing the reservation form and/or payment of your deposit indicates you have read, understood, and accept these Terms & Conditions. Final payment may be made by either check or by most major credit or debit cards via PayPal. Note: for all payments there is a 3% surcharge for credit/debit cards, 6% for foreign currency charges.

Please review and verify your invoice thoroughly and contact your Travel Agent or TBW immediately if your invoice appears to be incorrect or incomplete. TBW cannot accept responsibility if we are not notified of inaccuracies within five days of sending out the invoice. In the case of billing errors, TBW reserves the right to re-invoice you with correct pricing. If final payment is not received by the due date, your reservation will be cancelled and full deposit retained by TBW.

Cancellations: Cancellations must be in writing by letter or email. We must confirm in writing back to you the receipt of the letter or e-mail in order for a cancellation to be considered valid. Fees are determined by the date written notice is received, are based on the full published selling price and do not include discounts, promotions or other incentives. It is strongly recommended that your Travel Insurance include trip cancellation coverage. The following per person cancellation fees apply:

More than 120 days prior to arrival: all non-refundable deposits
120-61 days prior to arrival: 75% cancellation fee
60-0 days prior to arrival: 100% cancellation fee

Refund Requests are subject to these Terms & Conditions. No refund will be made for any voluntary modifications made by the traveler. Travelers leaving early, or not using hotels, meals, passes, ferries and/or any other included services will not be given a cash equivalent or vacation price reduction.

All Programs are Subject to Change: All components of our tours including but not limited to specific hotels, tours, or visits mentioned; specific guides, art instructors and/or special guests mentioned; or any other inclusion intended to be used on our trips; are subject to change for any reason. If a change becomes necessary, we will make a substitution of equal quality as best as we can arrange.

While it is unlikely, TBW reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any vacation departure for any reason, including, but not limited to, a minimum number of participants. If a vacation date is cancelled, TBW’s only responsibility will be to accommodate the passenger on another date. If an alternative date is not available, a full refund will be issued, except in the case of cancellations due to Force Majeure. Force Majeure: Refunds and compensation payments are not liable in circumstances beyond TBW’s control or the supplier’s control. This includes but is not limited to changes due to war, threat of war, acts of terrorism, civil strife, strikes, natural disaster, fire, adverse weather or other acts of God. In the event that any significant changes are made due to a problem with a supplier, for example a hotel bankruptcy, TBW will advise the participant as soon as is reasonably possible with the alternatives available. Such changes may require that the participant pay a supplement. TBW cannot assume responsibility for any additional costs or fees relating to the issuance and/or cancellation of air tickets or other travel arrangements.

Any information contained in a Hotel or Tour Guide that is not published by TBW is not binding on TBW and shall not be considered part of the reservation.

Revision Fees: A $100 per person fee will be charged for any alteration or revision made to a reservation including name change, program change, change in room assignment or accommodation, vacation date, and itinerary. Changes made within 120 days of departure will be treated as a cancellation, and cancellation fees will apply as noted above.
Currency Fluctuation: When deemed necessary due to Euro/Dollar fluctuations, prices may be changed without notice at any time up until final payment. Once final payment has been received, your vacation price is guaranteed, protecting you from any increases due to currency fluctuation.

Returned Check Policy: Checks made to Cruise, Tour, Travel! or The Blue Walk that are not honored by our bank will incur a fee equal to any charges imposed upon us by our bank plus a $35.00 inconvenience fee.

Photographs or Pictures: Photographs or pictures appearing on the web site, in social media, or any other promotion are used solely as an indication of accommodations and attractions. Actual facilities may vary.

Not Included in Vacation Price: Flights, baggage fees, airport transfers, meals not mentioned, drinks, tips, optional excursions, porterage of luggage (see below), Travel Protection insurance, items of a personal nature, and any items not specifically mentioned as included on our programs.

Porterage of Luggage: Luggage handling is not included. Other than our France programs (where we don’t switch hotels), we do recommend you pack light, as you will be responsible for carrying your own luggage on and off any combination of trains, ferries, and public transportation. Please limit your bags to what you can comfortably manage by yourself.
Children: Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, supervised by an adult during the entire length of the vacation, and must share an adult’s accommodation. The minimum age allowed on our vacations is 16 (although exceptions may be possible.)
Visas & Passports: You are responsible for obtaining and paying for all visas and entry documents, for meeting all health and other requirements, and for any documents required by the laws, regulations, orders, and/or requirements of the countries you will visit. Non-U.S. citizens must consult with appropriate consulates to determine if any visas are needed and are responsible for obtaining all visas and entry documents independently. TBW is not responsible for providing you with specific visa and passport information or documentation, and TBW cannot accept liability for any passenger refused entry onto any transport or into any country due to failure of the passenger to carry correct documentation. All passengers traveling internationally are required to have a passport. Some countries require passports to be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the conclusion of your trip; some require that you have a minimum of three blank pages left in your passports. It is your responsibility to verify all visa and passport requirements.

Itineraries: TBW walking vacations are subject to itinerary modifications without notice for any reason. In addition, guided walks may be cancelled due to weather, transportation strikes, or any reason that your guide may deem necessary for the enjoyment or safety of the group.
The following applies to France only: To truly experience the program and destination and participate in the guided walks, you must be physically able to do a one hour walk comfortably. Although walks average from one to three hours, there are opportunities along the route to take trains or buses back to the hotel, or elsewhere. Please be advised we will be walking on paths that may be dusty, have uneven surfaces, many steps, rough terrain, cobblestones, or other surfaces that you’d find typical on rustic walking trails. We suggest you prepare by doing some longer walks prior to arrival, and as with any exercise program, we recommend you consult with your physician prior to your arrival. Please note: France has the most daily walking, Italy not as much, and Greece has many optional hiking opportunities.

Responsibility of Trip Participants: Trip participants are responsible for selecting trips that are appropriate for the participant’s abilities, physical and medical condition, and interests. Trip participants are responsible for 1) studying and understanding the trip conditions as described by the trip itinerary, 2) knowing the participant’s own physical and medical condition with respect to the advisability of participating in the chosen trip, 3) bringing appropriate and adequate clothing, equipment, medications and first aid supplies, 4) acting in a respectful and safe manner and in accordance with the accepted local customs of foreign countries visited, 5) if enrolled in a guided vacation, following the suggestions and advice of the guide, and 6) if enrolling in a self-guided vacation, understanding what self-guided travel involves and agreeing that you are capable of managing by yourself during the tour, and are comfortable with the independent aspect and freedom of travel that this style of vacation offers. When traveling abroad, it is extremely important that participants understand that they will be subject to the laws of the particular countries visited. TBW reserves the right to accept or reject any person as a participant, and decline or cancel the participation of any participant whose condition or conduct it deems to be detrimental to or compromises the safety or interests of the individual or the group as a whole, and will not refund or cover any costs or expenses incurred due to their termination. By completing this booking, you affirm that you are in good health and capable of engaging in the activity you are booking.

Safety: Please be aware that during participation in vacations operated by TBW, certain risks and dangers may arise beyond our control, including but not limited to: the hazards of traveling in undeveloped areas; travel by boat, train, automobile, bus, van, aircraft, or other means of transportation; forces of nature; political unrest; acts of lawlessness or terrorism; transportation or hotel strikes, and accident or illness in remote regions without means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities. TBW will not have liability regarding provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care that may be rendered. By agreeing to participate in a tour and/or optional excursions you agree that you will hold TBW harmless regarding any provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care rendered. Emergency Medical Travel Insurance is required – see below.

Travel Insurance: Due to the physical nature of a walking vacation, TBW requires all participants to have emergency medical insurance coverage while on our trips. You may already have coverage with your current insurance company that will cover you while abroad. Travel Insurance is not included in the tour price. If you do have emergency medical coverage, or have purchased Travel Insurance with another company for this trip, please forward proof of policy to us. If you do not have Travel Insurance, you can choose any company you wish. We use CSA, and have their link on our website, which you can use to receive a quote for a full policy including cancellation coverage. Please see our Travel Insurance web page (http://cruisetourtravel.com/travel_insurance) for details. In the event you find it necessary to cancel prior to or during a trip due to injury, personal or family illness or emergencies, or other covered reasons; travel insurance generally reimburse non-refundable costs including the tour and airfare. Additional coverage may include trip interruption, missed connections, lost or delayed baggage, emergency medical transportation, necessary medical care if sick or injured, and emergency evacuation. Whichever company you choose, be sure to confirm the specifics directly with the company. TBW does not assume any responsibility for the information about the insurance companies. Please be advised that some types of coverage may require purchase within 24 hours of your initial trip deposit. Although trip “cancellation” insurance is not required, it is strongly recommended.

Privacy: All information provided in a booking will be kept in a confidential manner and will not be disclosed or sold to other companies for any purpose beyond what is needed to secure your travel arrangements with our suppliers. Mailing information and past travel information will be retained by us. You may receive mailings from us periodically unless you explicitly ask to be removed from said mailings. Any photos that you send, or that are taken by our guides, are deemed to be our property and available for use in promotions we make without compensation to you for their use.

Optional Excursions & Activities: The air carriers, accommodations, and other suppliers (including but not limited to trains, ferries, hotels, and restaurants) providing optional activities and excursions in the area of the vacation itinerary that are available for booking are not run, supervised, or controlled in any way by TBW. These services are provided by local operators or other third parties that are entirely independent of TBW, which has no control and has no right of control over the operations of these independent contractors. Such activities and excursions do not form any part of the product or services sold to you by TBW or of these Terms & Conditions, even where TBW suggests particular operators/other third parties and/or assists you in booking such activities or excursions. Your contract for such activity or excursion will be with the organizer or operator of that activity or excursion and will be subject to its Terms & Conditions, which may contain exclusions or limitations of liability. TBW has no liability for any such activity or excursion or for any act(s) or omission(s) of the organizer or operator or for any of its employees or agents or any other person(s) connected with the activity or excursion. Any advice or assistance on or with any activity or excursion provided by any local representative does not mean or imply that the activity or excursion is sold, supervised, or controlled by TBW or that any such advice or assistance is given on behalf of TBW. Vacation participants are asked to check with the operator of any activity and the applicable Terms & Conditions before booking.

Responsibility: Cruise, Tour, Travel! located at 374 Lakeview Ave., Orlando, FL 32804, acts only as agents for other suppliers, including but not limited to hotels, trains, buses, ferries, restaurants, contractors or any other suppliers providing accommodations, transportation, sightseeing arrangements or any other services as independent contractors, and are not agents, employees, servants, or joint venturers of TBW or its affiliates. TBW does not provide for or act as an Agent for any airlines or airfare tickets. TBW is not responsible if an airline cancels, reschedules or delays a flight for any reason. Airlines may charge a change or modification fee if you change your reservation. Contact your airline directly for more information. All confirmations, tickets, vouchers, transfers or coupons issued by TBW are made under the express condition that TBW shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, injury, accident, delay, irregularity, inconvenience or damage to participant or those traveling with them, from any including but not limited to defects in vehicles, breakdown in equipment, strikes, theft, acts of God, weather, civil disturbances, terrorism, cancellations or changes in itineraries or schedules, etc. Any travel documents for services issued by TBW are subject to the Terms & Conditions specified by the supplier and are not guaranteed by TBW. After departure, if the services included in the vacation cannot be supplied or there are changes in an itinerary for reasons beyond the control of TBW, TBW will do its best to arrange for the provision of comparable services. Any resulting additional expense will be the responsibility of participants. Participant agrees that neither TBW nor its affiliates shall be liable for any damage, loss (including but not limited to personal injury, death, and property loss), or expense occasioned by any act or omission of any supplier providing services, any insurer or insurance administrator under the Travel Protection Plan, or any other person. In the event there is liability on the party of TBW, you specifically agree that TBW’s maximum liability under any circumstances is limited to two times the amount of the reservation. Any litigation must be brought to the courts of TBW’s office in Orlando, Orange County, Florida.

No person, other than an authorized representative of TBW by a document in writing, is authorized to vary, add, or waive any term or condition on its Website, including any term or condition set forth in the preceding provisions 03112016

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